Bringing Ecosystems to Life through Tailor-made Solutions

The era of ecosystems in business

An ecosystem is "a biological system composed of all the organisms found in a particular physical environment, interacting with it and with each other. Also in extended use: a complex system resembling this"

Companies need to learn to interact in systemic ways to

succeed in an increasingly complex world

The Challenge

"In today's complex world that looks for BIG solutions to its problems and opportunities, the firm is no longer an independent strategic actor. Its success depends on collaboration with other firms in ecosystems spanning multiple sectors." (Jacobides, 2019)


Technology (in particular Digital) introduces new business model opportunities (and threats)

Just offering products or services is not sufficient any longer - consumers demand integrated solutions

Governments allow regulatory easing if the innovative solutions contribute to a more sustainable world.


Embrace ecosystem management as strategic tool

Make strategic choices on where to play and what role to take

Develop the right competences to ensure the partnerships create value across all elements of the corporation

Who We Are

A "Boutique Team" of Multi-disciplinary Experts and Passionate Believers in the merits of multi-party Innovation Ecosystems. We turn years of hands-on global Open innovation leadership experiences into actionable ecosystem opportunities.

How We Add Value

Why Ecosystems?

The World around us needs Innovation Ecosystems to address its BIG problems and meet its challenges

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How EI4I can help

Diagnosing you readiness

Co-designing your strategy

Selecting your network

Forging the relationships

Guide and support your journey

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We bring tens of years of combined experience in leading integrated Open Innovation Management 

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We Get Tangible

Addressing the barriers

Identifying the needed interventions across the full spectrum of the  organization

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IP - Legal

Turning this aspect often seen as key hurdle into a proactive and strategic lubricant

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