We are Ecosystem Intelligence for Innovation (EI4I), a partnership helping business and innovation leaders succeed through multi-party Innovation Ecosystems.

Today, it is an enormous challenge to bring together corporations, start-ups, scale-ups, NGOs, policy makers, regulators and academia into an innovation ecosystem that will generate tangible value.

EI4I brings together a comprehensive set of technical, commercial, legal and organisational expertise to help you navigate through this complex landscape. We assist in strategic choices, relationship management and organisational and cultural alignment enabling your success.

At EI4I we deliver integrated solutions for the big problems corporations and their customers face.

At EI4I we have built expertise through long careers, with many of us in different strategic roles within Procter & Gamble. Over the years we have steered the process of best-in-class open innovation through external, business, public and academic partnerships. We have complemented this experience with partners with specific expertise ranging from organisational design and legal to ‘softer’ skills as relationship management to build trust. Find out more about us. 

We want to be your senior advisor and partner; we are not consultants coming with prefab-ed power-pointed answers. Our strength lies in intersecting our deep and broad experience with your unique understanding of the business - toward best solutions and maximum value creation. We are small, in-touch and agile.

Through EI4I’s partnership of multifunctional advisors, we can cover the full range of needs to help you develop productive multiparty innovation ecosystems:


We take time to understand your needs and partner and co-design with you.


We strategise with you. What are your where-to-play choices, and what role do you want to play in each; what are the how-to-win capabilities you need to invest in.


We tap into our diverse network to help you select the right partners.


We help you build relationships that work for you and produce tangible value. We identify hurdles and barriers and break them down and continuously learn from the best systems and reapply where applicable.


We provide continuous support through the process for cultural fluency and organisational agility, firmly grounded in leadership alignment.

Ultimately, we passionately started EI4I as enthusiastic servant leaders to help business help the world. In that context we would be delighted to engage into a conversation of how could add value with you.

Reach out to us at contact@ei4i.be. We’d love to have a conversation and explore!