Where EI4I can help


Diagnose your current state of Ecosystem fluency and readiness


Co-design a holistic, integrated strategic Ecosystem approach that meets your specific needs and works for your purpose


Tap into our extensive multi-functional network of experts and practitioners to bring the chosen Ecosystem strategy to life


Help you forge the relationships ensuring they are constructive and productive


Guide and support you through the Eco-system Innovation journey toward maximum value creation and extraction


We benefit from expertise honed by many years of dealmaking experience in a company that has enjoyed an unlikely success story in open innovation (P&G)

Always looking for a fair and right deal

Technology licensing in/out, Joint Ventures, Joint Product Development

Establish External Business Development (EBD) organization

Internalized that neither technical nor conventional business, nor legal functions have the skills to build long-term win/win relationships/contracts

Led to BIG deals even with direct competition

Technology licensing with Unicharm diapers

JV with Clorox

EI4I has former EBD resources in network

Coke, Heinz, Nike, Ford (on top of P&G) to win/win joint development agreement

Barriers & Must haves

Getting tangible toward Win-Win-Win


"Not-invented here"

Lack of Trust with external partners

Lack of Senior Technical

Lack of Commercial Management support & alignment

Lack of experience working externally

Interpersonal, Leadership & Project Management Skills

Poor understanding of legal tool box



Complementary core competencies

Champions on all sides

Built into Corporate strategies

Joint Business Plan

Top management support & sponsorship

Organizational Framework

Commercial Reward models - Menu

Pipeline management

An IP & Licensing Strategy

Legal Toolbox